Bmobil clubs are weekly subscription-based services that include credits for different content downloads (graphics, ring tones, java applications and informational services). Like most clubs ordering a number of products will lead to reduce price compared to a single product order. To order you must agree to the Terms & Conditions. For downloading the products your mobile phone should support a connection to the Internet (via WAP, GPRS, UMTS, etc.). The downloading charges are independent of any bmobil mobile charges and will be charged from your operator. To unsubscribe you have to send "STOP BMOBIL" to 43006 or call our helpline on 0879407333. All clubs will renew automatically until cancelled. All charges will be billed to your mobile phone bill, or in case that you have a prepaid mobile phone, it will deduct from your existing balance.

Clubs available from bmobil:
FUN Club for unlimited mobile content download (1 SMS per day, R6 per day). To unsubscribe please send STOP BMOBIL to 43006